3C Wildlife and Repair

Call us today if you are having problems with any animal and we can help you decide the best plan of action to keep you, your family, and home and/or office safe!

All of our services are based on the animal that you have encountered and ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to remove the animal from your home or office and safely return it to nature back where it belongs!

No job is too big! No job is too small!

  • Roof Rat extermination/ removal and Sanitation
  • House Mice extermination/ removal with nest removal
  • Norway Rat inside and outside extermination
  • Grey Squirrel Trapping, Control, and Relocation
  • Flying Squirrel Removal and Sanitation with Nest Removal
  • Coyote Trapping and Control
  • Fox Trapping and Control
  • Armadillo Trapping and Control
  • Bat Removal and Cleanouts with Sanitation
  • Bird Control and Removal / Netting
  • Beaver Trapping and Waterway Management
  • Carpenter Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Control
  • Feral Cat Removal and Trap Neuter Release Program
  • Mole and Vole extermination and management
  • Opossum Trapping and Relocation
  • Raccoon Trapping and Clean-up
  • Snake Trapping, Control, and Removal
  • Skunk Trapping and Odor Control
  • Muskrat Extermination
  • Chipmunk Control and Removal
  • Honeybee Control with relocation and Removal
  • Dead animal locating and removal
  • Clean up and repair animal damage
  • Soffit repair and painting
  • Clean up contaminated insulation – up to complete removal and install
  • Tree limb trimming
  • Siding repair from wildlife damage

In addition to our trapping, removal, attic restoration and Habitat Manipulation services we can also repair any areas damaged by the animal that we remove from your property. The most important thing to do once the animal is out of your home or office is to clean up the affected areas and seal up the structure to prevent animals from coming back in!

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